I’ve found a place at Techraptor!

So some time ago I applied to a game reviewing job at Techraptor.net and out of over 100 candidates I was offered a job! This is actually a huge step for me, I’m not only earning a little money for my writing (very very little) but I’m also getting review copies of games for free!

So here’s what’s going on with my blog, I still want to keep this active, (despite what how I’ve been doing) but I can’t post reviews that I do on other sites on here for obvious reasons. Also, Techraptor is such a large operation that nearly every larger game release is going to get covered by someone so I can’t post reviews of all the games I wanna do over there.

So I’m going to post a round up of what I post over at Techraptor on here, like a gathering of links every month or so. But I’m also going to be posting games I can’t review over there, over here. Right now I’m looking at reviewing Dark Souls 3! I’m also thinking of writing a comparison between dark souls and bloodborne.

That’s all I’ve got for now. If anyone is still following the blog I thank you and have a nice day!

Pokken First Impressions!

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of proper updates, I’ve been writing over at N3rdabl3.co.uk and haven’t had much chance to post here.

But before I post my actual review of Pokken over there, I wanted to post my quick first impressions of the game here. This is not a full review by any means, just my first thoughts.

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Digimon is back and better than ever! Cyber Sleuth Review!

Digimon has a difficult time getting localized outside of Japan, it’s actually been 8 years since the last Digimon RPG came stateside. Even though Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth came out in Japan some time ago, I am so happy to see it in English, not only because this game is a fantastic RPG but also because it’s another chance for the global audience to show how much they love Digimon!

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The Disappointing Experience that was Yo-kai Watch

Ok I know I just said I’m gonna be posting reviews on RGR buuuuut RGR went dark again so here’s my Yo-kai Watch review!

Youkai are spirits in Japanese Lore, and Yo-kai Watch is the hot new (well not so new anymore) thing in Japan right now. Selling toys, making an anime, and of course, making games. Yo-kai Watch is a story about a child who receives a device from a spirit of a butler which enables them to see and collect Youkai. The big comparison that everybody made to Yo-kai watch was Pokemon, in both franchises, you’re collecting little creatures and using them to fight and aid you in every day life. But that’s where the similarities end, because there are some drastic differences that makes Yo-kai Watch a fundamentally flawed game.

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